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Report - Green Wood and Wood Balne Mill Wakefield July 2011


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Visited with Thestig Tcake Nic81 and non-member.

Fun was had crossing the raging torrent to the cheers of the prisoners in the nearby jail, bridges where built, splashes were made and trainers soggied. The place has been seen some pikey action but not to great extent, the Victorian core of the building held the most interest but there is not much wonderment around , the basement seems prone to flooding as do some of the lower lying areas but when you see them in relation to the stream there's no wonder.

(as cobbled from the interweb though quite sparse)​
Apart from the Victorian core with its nice cast iron pillars the rest of the site is listed as being built in 1979 covering a 112,606sq ft of land. Greenwood and Wood had been designing and manufacturing specialist furniture for the UK's leading financial institutions, professional service firms and blue chip companies for over 30 years from its Balne Mills facility.

List products such as: Executive Office Furniture For Boardrooms, Reception Areas and Corporate Interiors.Promotional materials are quoted as "Our Desking, Networking, Meeting and Storage Solutions Are Designed To Create and Project the Right Impression, As Well As Providing a Practical and Efficient Working Environment. *Greenwood and Wood Workplace Interiors Match the Way You Work and Reflect Your Corporate Identity, Through Innovative and Ergonomic Design, and Imaginative Use of Textures, Colour and Materials. "With a History of Quality and Reputation For Innovation, All Our Executive and Corporate Furniture Is Manufactured To Exacting Standards and Installed With the Utmost Care and Attention To Detail. They also produced furniture for the the call center industy we found some evidence of this in the loft.


from the sale link​

In 2008 Burdew Brand took over Greenwood & Wood and relocated from there Leeds based facility.

At some point it became looks like Greenwood & Wood became part of the Eastlake Group, which branded itself Eastlake Commercial Interiors. They went into administration in 2009. They'd been very aquisitive, with many trading names so it's difficult to pick out exactly what was going on but it looks like the profitable bits became Work Inc and then Europa International.

In 2009 Greenwood & Wood/Burdew went bust leaving many locals redundant. Since then the Mill has stood empty with hope of sale or lease agreement. There are still a few bits of machinery in the newer warehouse unit some tagged for auction.

greenwoods own url now points to these guys linky so maybe some incarnation lives on






Seems Lean Sigma methodology was used here extensively, not enough to save the place seemingly



For sale




Thanks for looking and if anyone has anymore history i would be grateful


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