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Report - Greenbank Synagogue - Liverpool - March 2014


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My Visit

After seeing all the reports on this place, I finally got time to get it done myself and what can I say! This place is huge and has lots of cavernous spaces wherever you look. Upon my visit I expected to bump into atleast a few people but to my surprise, the place was dead! Not one person although I'm sure I heard someone on one of the lower stairwell levels.

The Liverpool Hebrew Congregation was founded in the 18th Century at the Stanley Street/Cumberland Street Synagogue. Over the years it moved to various premises before construction of a purpose-built synagogue at Seel Street in 1807. A schism in 1838 led to the division of the congregation into the Old Hebrew Congregation and the New Hebrew Congregation. The latter congregation established a synagogue in a warehouse on Hanover Street and subsequently in a building on Pilgrim Street. A purpose-built synagogue was constructed at Hope Place in 1857.

After the First World War, and into the mid-1920s, the Jewish population began to move away from the city centre to the wealthier suburbs and fewer members of the congregation lived within walking distance of Hope Place. In 1928, the Hope Place Congregation began looking for a new site to build a larger synagogue and in 1935 this site was chosen and the lease for the site obtained from the City Corporation. In 1937, on completion of Greenbank Synagogue, the main migration of the Hope Place congregation took place. The congregation re-joined with the Sefton Park Hebrew Congregation and the two reverted to their original name of the New Hebrew Congregation.

In May 1959 a burglar started a fire that destroyed the Ark and Torah scrolls and part of the roof structure. The building was subsequently restored by the original firm of architects at a cost of £50,000 and re-consecrated in 1961. Due to increasing competition the youth centre closed at this time. A further fire occurred in two first floor offices behind the ladies' gallery in 1965 but damage was confined to the former areas.

The art-deco building was listed in 1983, but that listing was upgraded to a Grade II* after closure in 2008 thanks to pressure by the Twentieth Century Society. It was once the largest expanse of roof unsupported by pillars anywhere in the country. The synagogue has received a substantial redevelopment grant and is on all those Heritage At Risk lists




















Thanks for looking :)​


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Nice ones mate :)

If you"d wanted company you should have gone last week :eek:

Those contractors have been busy with all that Scaffolding in the past few days. Funny how things suddenly progress :)

No Wheelchair ? i"d left it up on the stairs for some different shots, i wonder where it is now ?

And i notice even more of the Brass plaques gone from off the wall........ Not a single Fanny left now :(

It"s bonus time now for someone to get the "Virgin" rooftop shots from here !


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I remember seeing the wheelchair at the top of the stairs outside the offices if I remember right. I was going to get some rooftop shots but right as I went to climb the ladder I started hearing footsteps.


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lol that"s all we heard all morning in there, well footsteps plus the removal men re-arranging the furniture.....and everything else .........repeatedly lol

Does make you wonder sometimes when you"re Solo i agree :eek:

Explorers too lazy to move the Wheelchair about ? unless it"s been there all week....poor thing :)

It"s certainly a great place to explore.

You may have also got your picture taken by a bloke off another Forum who lives across the road, i bumped into Zero & mates and we got Papped outside. Maybe we will make it into the Daily mail lol i"m sure the usual suspects have already proofed their Photospread :crazy


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Nice to see its still doable considering the facebook goon squad plastered it on every corner of the internet !


Love it!
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Shame really as this was NP last couple of weeks if I remember.

Shame people can't keep it NP as the theft from this place shows it should not be plastered everywhere


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It was on a few other Public access Urbex Forums before being Public on here. That"s where i saw it first, and the pictures were so good it was always going to be popular :)

Someone mentioned that things have been removed by the Jewish community ? but you can see the Fanny plaques have been nicked by the damaged screw heads that are underneath the wall and the fact that none off the other ones are missing!

And obviously things that were there 3-4 weeks ago in photos are missing now and the office records have been gone through big time. But this is what happens everyone tells me even before stories are SOLD by the usual suspects


Love it!
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Yeah well the people who spread it about all over the net just to get the name out there, are only helping to invite the riff Raff who destroy places . . .

Such a shame sites nowadays can't be kept quiet when they are so untouched . . . . .


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That"s the ones, so much for for protecting identity though.

I didn"t realise i took such a good photo :) maybe i should be pixelated more often lol

And nice too be at the top of someones list for once :D

It"d have been funnier with an exit video Zero eh lol
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Marsden, just for some context... I put this in NP, first report on this forum... I was over-ruled because a). some people thought it was sealed (?!?) and b). It appeared in public elsewhere - and what we do with a site on this forum is directly related to what other forums are doing, and nothing to do with what our members feel is right.


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Tweek, this issue has already been well discussed on other threads and your fully aware that there is a lot more to it than just 'what other forums do'.

I don't think this thread is the best place for yet another discussion.

Maybe you could debate this via pm with the OP, rather than the thread going off track?