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Lead or Rumour info - Greencore, Evercreech


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Has anyone had a look at this site? Greencore food factory in Evercreech, Somerset. Closed in the summer of 2018. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/final-closure-date-somerset-greencore-241961
My mum used to work here when it was called uniqe. It was a desert Factory supplying well known shops. Arla then took it over a few years back which then it became greencore. I drove past here the other day unaware that it was in a sorry state. The place is a wreck and definitley not in use but lots of security signs all around and cameras. So i would say there pretty hot on it but as we all know signs can mean nothing. :) hope this helps


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Hi, i just happened to visit the greencore sight yesterday,
Demolition date has apparently been set,
Power has been isolated to the sight according to some locals, so i didn't worry about the cameras.
Access is relatively easy too,


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I finally got round to visiting this. A lot of empty bits but still interesting with lots of buildings, some ladders and walkways, conveyors and old documents. Access was just a matter of hopping the wall in the dark and walking in.