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Report - Greenesfield Works, Gateshead


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(I'm not sure how accurate this information is, should be pretty accurate).

In 1830 Greenefield became the center of Gateshead's railway industry. A station and engine shed were built. By the end of the century, it was the largest employer in town. In the period leading up to the first world war, it had declined to 1500. The works completely closed in 1932 but re-opened for repairs in WW2 closing down again in 1959. What remained was converted into warehouses. In 2002, the work commenced to redevelop it to housing, shopping, and leisure facilities.​

The Exploration

Me and my cousin ( @sammal02 ) with one of his friends (offsite) went here. I was in Newcastle at the time, and this was another place. Getting in was the hardest since you had to jump a few gates in public view, and the houses around meant people would watch you. Even after all this, we managed to get inside and explore the building itself. The building is a huge area, mostly empty. I've explored better places. The main part is just a bunch of rooms you could say, which are huge. Nothing interesting, the odd thing or two there. Then you can go upstairs and you find the odd thing or two up there. Overall, the climb into it is not worth what's inside. I've had easier climbs with a lot better stuff inside.








There wasn't much to take photos of as it was mainly just empty hallways, so I took a few pictures of the most notable things.


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