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Report - Greenwich Court and LHSE - Westgate-On-Sea - 6/7/2010


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The Greenwich Court Complex spans the length of four villas overlooking the sea. History is a bit thin although it was first a hotel and more recently was used as a care home for adults with learning difficulties. I'd guess it closed around 2005/2006. London House School of English is situated next door. It was founded in 1965 to cater for foreign students and closed also closed in 2005. Due to the sheer proximity of the sites the pictures are a bit of a jumble. A good, quiet 'splore although LHSE had rather interesting access to say the least. Explored with Fitchy.










The last picture was one of many newspapers in LSHE. The earliest we found was from 1933 and there were a number covering the war years including the 8th Army's campaigns in Italy and North Africa.

All in all a decent explore, if slightly trashed in places, some of the finer details give an idea of the grandeur of the villa beneath.

Cheers, 13.​

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