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Greetings from London


28DL Member
28DL Member
Hey. New user here.
I live the SE London area and have a little experience. I usually explore with a good friend, who isn't a member. Together we make a pretty good team. I've been to a location on Blackheath briefly and didn't get time to explore properly, but we are planning to return there sometime this week, so I might post a report if I find anything interesting. I have also visited an old daycare/nature center near Eltham. We are also getting some gear together to maybe hit up the Victorian House in Beckenham Palace Park, the Hanging Monkey in near Rickmansworth, and Billionaire's Row near East Finchley.
So really, we have low level experience, but big dreams.
I look forward to see you lot out there.

Ya Boy Croy

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Awesome to see a new member join and not be asking for locations instantly! :p

Make sure to check out the Newbie Guide if you haven't already, and I look forward to seeing your future reports! :thumb

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