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Greetings from Wiltshire 28dl!


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28DL Member
I've been exploring a while and reading the forums etc for even longer, but recently got a half decent camera and tripod etc so I decided it is time to document some stuff and share it with the community I so love to lurk.

I have an explore lined up for tomorrow, day off work and I think I have the location down from reading about it and checking Google satellite/terrain maps. I'm quite new to the area so I hope so anyway! It's nothing new for you guys but I've not been there before. If all goes well I shall get some good shots for you guys. I'm going to search for the site now and see how recently it's been reported on.

I'm excited to finally take part :)


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28DL Member
OK it's raining and watching some YouTube videos the site is a hell of a lot bigger and more confusing than I thought so I'm just going to do a recon mission today and revisit for pictures maybe next week with a buddy. I ride a motorbike so won't be able to map check very often lol.


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welcome along and good luck with your explore :thumb

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