Report - Grim Resistor, Bolton - 2014.

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Staff member
Nov 24, 2008
Grim Resistor, Bolton

Grim is an understatement!

Essentially a 2m x 300m sewer/in-line storage tunnel constructed to alleviate flood risk and take strain off the nearby trunk

Much of Bolton's drainage is fairly small and stoopy and I imagine struggled during heavy periods of rainfall until they stuck this and a few other tanks in during AMP3

After an earlier evening re-visit fail I'd organised, I felt kinda guilty the lads would end up going empty handed so I decided to go and hunt this place down as we were in the area

I had an approximate idea where it was and narrowed it down to a plot near the river

Our 3 car convoy lapped the outskirts of Bolton whilst I fiddled with Google maps, parking ? No problem lads.. follow me

..Straight into the yard of the Police HQ :D

A few U-turns later and we were back on the trail of fresh, it had also been a few weeks since I'd had time to venture into the sewers and had to make do with sniffing manholes for a quick fix

"I think were here lads"


After some past disagreeable outings, it's took a while to get kenni back into drains, this probably wasn't the best place for him with hindsight :D

Still it was a good laugh from start to finish, and despite the filth we all managed a few safety snaps of the place before calling it

A 12m laddered dropshaft with a couple of landings drops into the filth



Once down, I spent what seemed like an age faffing about with the p00p covered chain, whilst the others looked down from the landing above with amusement

A short set of rungs beyond leads to the sewer tunnel, and as you can see in the below pic, it's not somewhere you'd choose to eat your dinner :rolleyes:


Barely a 1ft sewer is routed through the drop shaft and exits via this shit hole


I waited for the others to head down before going for a wander

I'm surprised the meter didn't sing in here as it stunk to high heaven, and although H2S was present, it was a safe level and was pretty well ventilated as I kept my eye on on the readings with every step

Infact, the only real noise was the sound of kenni gipping to every footstep :D



At the far end, and somewhere amongst this mess, below the bottom of another manhole shaft the sewer exits via a 2ft pipe



Shouts to @Nickindroy @ViralEye @Snake Oil @Kenni for persevering with this one, we won't be going back here in a hurry!​


Loyal to the Drain
Regular User
Sep 16, 2007
I remember this one very clearly. It was the most disgusting section of sewer I have ever been in!
Some of the clothes I wore that night just went straight in the bin and those shite infested railings are something one can never forget.
Likes: Nickindroy


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Mar 10, 2016
Being from notlob this one interests me, but I can't for the life of me recall seeing the outfall to the nearby river itself? I do recall a grey raised structure, near the small footbridge, but no rcp outfalling to the river,unless this was all built while I have been away?


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Mar 10, 2016
Ah ok, cheers ojay. That manhole looks a wee bit small for some strapping blokes from manchester (?) to fit through, lol
Likes: Ojay

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