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Watching The One Show (dont judge me :p:) a few weeks ago happened to notice a piece on the old Grimsby workhouse which is now used as part of the general hospital. Looks like part of it is live with some of the older parts boarded and unused.


a number of the former workhouse buildings have been demolished or stand empty
May be worth a look for someone local?

Andy Warwick

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I used to volunteer at the hospital in my late teens in the mid 80s, and have been in most of these buildings at one time or another.
Scenes in the John Cleese film Clockwise were shot in and around what was known as 'the old side' The old gatehouse and porter's lodge are still used as offices, as are some of the buildings opposite.
Some of the old wards were demolished some years ago. The remaining are due to be demoloished......usual thing apparently....asbestos.
Security on site is tighter than a gnat's chuff. You will notice various CCTV cameras, both on poles and on buildings.
Even a few years back, had a visit from security while I was just taking some pics of the exteriors of the old side.
The old ward is thoroughly boarded. If you are determined, I am not saying it is impossible to get in, but would take some work, however once inside, you would no doubt be able to spend ages there unhindered.