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Report - Grimsby Ice Factory - November 2017


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In search of unreported epicenes, @albino-jay, @Eastyham and I found ourselves in an area with not much about, except people with six fingers and toes, sheep, fields and an epic mill we’d missed by just a few weeks. So, to get something done, we did a bit of research over a Maccies and took the radical decision to drive right across the country to nail something interesting, if not unreported. So off we went to Grimsby…


Fish fucking stink if you don’t keep them cold and then when you eat them you get food poisoning and that’s grim. So, fish get packaged with ice to stop that happening and because, as legend would have it, Grimsby was once the busiest fishing port in the world, unsurprisingly it had an ice factory. The ice factory opened in 1901 and it’s 4350 square meters took two years to build. When it was firing on all five ammonia compressors it produced a whopping 1,200 tonnes of ice a day.

Grimsby Ice Factory is now a Grade II listed building and it’s on the Heritage at Risk Register. And we should have been too, walking around on it’s soggy floors of plummeting death. But, it’s more that a mere building. It’s also on the World Monuments Watch list as a building of historical importance that’s at risk of being lost to the elements, which I guess makes a change from being lost to Pikies. Part of its international allure are the four-cylinder vertical valve ammonia compressors that are still on site, partially hidden from Pikies by conservationist pigeons under a metric fuck tonne of their shit. These are apparently the only surviving example of this machinery on the planet. It's an unusual, but effective deterrent, because other than the odd tag, the site seems largely untouched by vandals.

Despite its historical significance and a plan to restore and renovate the site into a leisure complex that would include a cinema, pub and a climbing wall (three things everyone immediately associates with each other and ammonia compressors) the Heritage Lottery Fund declined to stump up the £11 million needed. That is, even though, the plans were drafted to keep the ammonia compressors on site for historical purposes.

The Shenanigans

We quickly surmounted the things that were meant to keep people out and found ourselves standing on a thick carpet of pigeon shit, with the low winter sun casting beams of light into the darkness through holes in the ceiling and the few windows that were high enough not to bother with boarding. They're often invisible on camera, so Eastyham fired off a couple of lung fulls of vape to bring them out.


This is near the end of the production line where massive slabs of ice were bathed in calcium chloride brine solution to help remove them from their cans. From here they'd be crushed and taken to the fish market.


Each one of these massive cans produced 3.5 tonnes of ice a pop.


Live wires photo, because urbex.


More shards of light, lung fulls of vape, and decaying industry prettiness.


I think this is possibly part of the Orgasmatron that Barbarella experience or maybe just something to do with making ice for the fishing industry.


Before we move onto the compressors. Switches, but with a cheeky glimpse of compressor in the background. ;)


What the switches belong to...


Compressor number four...


Close up...


I don't know what was through here. I did not have authority so didn't look...


Compressor number five. For some reason this compressors doesn't get a mention in the historical resources online. Not sure if it is a later compressor that isn't as important. The pigeons haven't spent much time hiding it either. I liked the reflections on the tiles through the grime through.


In this room, [EASTYHAM WAS ATTACKED WHILE URB3XING BY A RABID FOX AND NEARLY DIED], so we had a refrigerator compressor room beer to recuperate before checking out the remainder of the derp for other clickbait titles.

Finally, a snap over looking the compressor room taking in compressors 2, 3 and 4.


And that was more or less that. We did check out some other things in the vicinity and on the way home, but nothing really to write home about.

Cheers for reading. Hope you enjoyed the report. :thumb

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Always love the look of this place, and this report makes me love it even more.

It's a shame I now have no way of finding it, now we don't have a map ;-)


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Cracking report and pics mate. It really is a unique place. Thoroughly enjoyed the explore and your write up about it too.


Exploring with Bob
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Cheers for the kind comments everyone - it is a nice wander, especially if this is the only place in the world you can still see these machines. You can cover it in a few hours, so it's worth stacking up a few other explores if you're heading over that way especially.

Cheers @albino-jay - though I think your snaps are better, chap :thumb

The Lone Ranger

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Nicely captured :thumb

Wish I'd had more time there as it was getting dark when I visited.


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28DL Full Member
Went there in October but some security guy in a van asked us what we were doing, very nice but by then they were onto us so not much chance of getting in, from what I saw there was CCTV everywhere. At first we foolishly drove to the main gate before realising that probably wasn't the best idea...


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Went there in October but some security guy in a van asked us what we were doing, very nice but by then they were onto us so not much chance of getting in, from what I saw there was CCTV everywhere. At first we foolishly drove to the main gate before realising that probably wasn't the best idea...


Exploring with Bob
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Cheers, @host - just lucky with the light I think - even though the trip to find something different didn't come off this time, it was still all part of the fun :thumb

Cheers, @The Lone Ranger - a low sun seems to suit mills for some reason, or my better snaps seem to come when I've snapped them with a low sun.

Yeah, driving up to the front gate was probably not the best idea @jaws ;)


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went here in May 2014 with a fellow explorer & fell through the floor twice,
nice thread & photographs.

Calamity Jane

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Loved it. What a history. Unusual for a factory to be listed like that, and be that important, cool though. Carpet of poo :turd yep there is definitely that. Love the daylight streaming in, great photos. love old machines, im like a magnet too them lol.:D:D:D

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