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Report - Grimsby Ice House 12/07/09

Squirrell 911

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I was in the area and noticed this magnificent place and I remember hearing stories of it being tight as a nuns chuff but having good photo opportunities inside so I donned my "Ahh Mr Squirrell I have been expecting you" hat :D and found a way in

Quick info on the place.

The Grimsby Ice Company was founded in the 19th century. Its purpose was to bring back natural ice from Norway in order to keep the catch of fish fresh.

The Ice House was built in 1900 and closed in 1990. The red brick building consisted of two factories separated by a passage. At its prime it produced 1,270 metric tons of ice every 24 hours. Water was taken from local bore holes and placed in moulds containing brine. When the ice was required conveyer belts took the three-hundred weight blocks to a crusher. The crushed ice was then taken by another conveyer belt to the quay side where it was dropped into the fish room of the trawlers via a chute. At a later stage cement mixers were converted to deliver the ice.

The Ice factory was a complete unit employing up to seventy people. The unit was manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Very seldom did any outside worker come into the factory.

Now some pics.
Looked quite innocious from the outside.


Inside it ticks all the boxes.

Perilous floor you wouldnt walk on.


With a nice gantry crane.


Tank to feed water to make giant ice cubes.


Nom nom nom machines to break up the ice blocks.



Spiral staircase to get to the ground floor.


And a big ass machinery room!!


And other sections.





Quite a productive few hours and will be visiting again soon.


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