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Report - Grinkle Mine/Culvert - May 2011


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North East Grinkle Mine

Attendance: Horus, Joe, LLoyd and goan

I first went to this mine at the begining of this year, when all the snow was laid, unfortunately i could'nt find it, its pretty hidden, after 2 more attempts with fails, the 4th time i came across it, persistance paid off.

Ridge Lane Tram Tunnel

This is the South portal of the abandoned Ridge lane tramway tunnel from The North East Mine. The last tram to run through here was in 1916, A new inclined section was built from the mine site North to connect with the nearby Middlesbrough-Whitby line. The tunnel was then surplus to requirements and abandoned. Ridge lane tunnel is around 400 yards long.


I was suprised to see the old sleepers still inside with the track bolts in them, the earth is taking its toll and they will soon be lost


This is North Side of the tunnel where the mine workings were..


The Fan House

One of the few remains of the North East Ironstone Mine which operated from 1865 to 1934. The building housed an electric Sirocco fan used for ventilation


The remains of the fan..



North East Grinkle Culvert

This is the downstream Eastern portal of the culvert


I was really starting to worry about this Culvert of stories i hear of the collapse its had, so far through the tunnel we came across a huge collapse where its all now fenced off above, its only a matter of time it will go again


This section is where the tunnel first collapsed in 1927, the props and sleepers were fitted in an attempt to strengthen the tunnel.





This part of the tunnel had an opening from the mine that was used to drain the water


This is the upstream entrance where the beck starts it's subterranean journey under the mine. A part collapsed brick arch guards the Western portal. The bars have been fitted to stop debris becoming lodged inside the culvert.



The North East Mine

The North East Mine Opened in the 1860's with a company called Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd, in 1990's it got bought out by a company that now makes the name of the mine (Sorry have to keep the name out) it then carried on running till 1930 when it closed, in 1914 it had the most employers with 479, 365 below and 114 above, this mine had 22 names recorded of death here is one from the files..

Corner, Joseph, 05 Jul 1912, (accident: 12 Jun 1912), aged 52, Miner, he was handling some compressed gunpowder when the contents of his canister exploded, and he was severely burned; deceased afterwards stated he was in the act of breaking a cartridge in his hands when the explosion occurred; the insides of his hands, however, were not burnt; his candle had been stuck on the side of the place and was afterwards found on the opposite side of the shot box; he died from septic poisoning and exhaustion on July 5
A photo of the mining people..

This was the beggining of the Mine


A very muddy tunnel leading off the main tunnel, mud was very deep, Welly high




The remains of a door


Looking down to our next task, had to get wet here, the water was chest height and at somepoint LLoyd took a swim :)



Water coming up to the roof of the Mine, we were talking about going through but i did'nt want to take the chance on getting my camera wet, ill do it next time ;)


This is the door that leads into the Culvert that was used for the drainage of the water, very small tunnel, get really messy going through it


Hope you enjoyed!


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