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Report - Gripper drain - May 2012


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I know this one's been hit a lot recently but with it right on the doorstep it would be rude not take a look !

Details lifted shamelessly from Paul Powers :thumb

Easily stumbled upon in Platt fields, Rusholme, the drain is
Part of the Very Ancient Mickle, or Great Ditch.

Sometimes called Nico Ditch Well-known A.D.1200. Extending over Five Miles from here to Ashton Moss and Bounding Several Townships Described fully in Vol. xxiii. of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society.

The ditch is said to have formed a defensive line against Danish or Viking raiders attacking up the Mersey. The story is that it was dug in the space of one night - quite a feat in the ninth century-as it measures at five miles, 183 yards.


Note the mountain of foil to the right, this was hiding a stash of porn, bog roll and drugs related shite




The water was well below the high tide mark and flowing steadily, but be careful around the outlets, it can get a bit slippy !





Not a bad little explore and it killed and hour or so, I could become hooked on drains, or should that be gripped ? :rolleyes:

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