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Report - Gripper, Manchester - January '12


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Visited with MaybeNot1330 and Robehhh! :p

A short brick lined arched culvert under suburban, Gripper is a baby compared to others such as Xan's Pants


The brick work is quite nice but bowing in some places, which makes avoiding the drink interesting at some points :rolleyes:


At some points Gripper changes from arch to box type sections which look to be topped with concrete. Although I didn't take any decent pics of this :(


When we were down there the water level was quite variable, depending on whether it was a bend or there was crap in the course



The infall for Gripper is a quite ridiculous iron grate with a narrow channel to the right as you're looking out. Luckily for me, it photographs great lit and unlit :D



We didn't check out the side channel as we had only brought boots. FAIL. Still need to grab some waders as wellies would be breached in no time because of the speed of the flow.


There was one small infall in the culvert. A dry circular brick pipe at about 300mm diameter.


The outfall of this culvert is a quite nice, ornate brick affair which I believe dates back from the 19th century. Just don't do what I did and slip on the way in or way out. I ended up with a very wet foot, but plaudits from MaybeNot1330 for a graceful recovery :thumb


The three of us.


Thanks for looking :thumb Well worth a mooch if you've got some time to kill

EDIT:Thanks to Paul Powers for the heads up on the location and Camera Shy for the inspiration​


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