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Report - Gros Ouvrage de Latiremont, Frangleterre August 2010


I should have danced all night
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Boy was I mistaken in thinking finding this little fucker would be easy. I'd drawn an imaginary map in my head and I thought it would be as simple as that but as you all know, humans can't fly so a bird's eye view of things is completely useless if you're someone like me who can't remember/read a map/do anything to save their life.

After around 3-4 hours of traipsing round a forest and walking a gazillion farm tracks, we eventually came across something that we thought was it. It was not. It was starting to rain, our feet were hurting and spirits were getting low. We rang OT and he said it was going under the wood or something? We then tried to get hold of The Engineer who had given me really god instructions to start off with but......yeah well, no excuses for not finding it to be honest!

More fields, angry bulls and farm tracks later, we found it. Large and pretty damn obvious sitting on the side of the farm track! Ahh well, good things come to those who can't find stuff to start off with :)

Here are the photos, nice and grimy for your viewing pleasure. This was the best place of the entire week we spent abroad for me. Loved it:thumb