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Report - Grotton Hollow Culvert – Saddleworth - January 2014

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Grotton Hollow Culvert – Saddleworth


Not too much history wise on this culvert, I was hoping it may have been constructed fully of stone or brick as there were a lot of mills in this area once upon a time and the housing development probably only dates from the 70’s.

250 meters long this culvert if for a tributary of the River Medlock, the initial 50 meters which run under a main road is constructed of stone. After this the culvert appears to have a rendered surface, reducing in diameter 3 times to terminate in a 3ft concrete pipe at the upper termination. The culvert can be accessed along it length by a few inspection chambers and man holes.

My Visit

After a quick visit to another location and getting my crown jewels wet, I decided it was too wet and cold to do anything like that in January, so bailed to take a look at this culvert as I knew there would be less water.


Alas there was more water than I expected once I got inside, mostly due to the floor having been eroded away over the years. Even though I just had wellies I decided to persevere as I knew it wasn’t too long.


It turned out to be a nice wee culvert, nothing out of the ordinary but still pleasant to be in.






At this point the diameter decreased to about 3ft, as it was interesting just standing up I left the camera in the dry and headed up until I could see light at the end of the tunnel.


After all I knew there was no way out at the upstream end, so made my way back to the start.


Well that’s Grotton Hollow culvert, a lovely stroll and probably more pleasant with less water and not doing it in January, one day I may learn!