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Report - Guest and Chrimes Valves - Rotherham - 11/3/07



Had this spot on the list for a while now, first reccy was quick and thought it impossible, but on the 3rd attempt we did it.
My girlfriends brother has been interested in the whole urbex thing so i took him here for his first explore.
Really hoped there would be some machines etc still in situ, but the place is very much stripped out. The older parts of the site would have been amazing with stuff still there, but we still had a good explore and he enjoyed it so htat was a good thing.

The site was very much like Bryan Donkins at Chesterfield, we found a room that had some wooden patterns stacked up, but not half as many as there were at Bryan Donkins. I left the torch in the car again:crazy , so there was some bits that we didn`t see, and im thinking one of those areas may have contained more patterns.....bugger! Will be back shortly though.

Some info here about the place:


Powder Coating

Some kind of control for the coatings











Pattern Stores


This office was full of drawings, strewn all over the floor.


Order book, earliest date was 8/10/1959

Non-existant nowadays

Looks like they even made manhole/drain covers for themselves

Bryan Donkins?