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Report - Guilford Street Public Lavatories. London February 2017

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Opposite Coram’s Fields on Guilford Street in London stands these toilets which have been shut since 1986, they are currently being renovated and turned into an underground Tonkotsu Ramen noodle bar which means after walking past them for many years and wondering what was down there they have become finally accessible after closure over 30 years ago.

These toilets are grade 2 listed and have a story attached, Thomas Coram a sea captain turned philanthropist built the ‘Foundlings Hospital’ to care for London’s orphans. Realising than mothers were reluctant to bring their unwanted children to the newly founded hospital, Coram had these toilets built close to the Hospital.
He knew that the location was far away enough from the hospital for mothers not to be noticed abandoning their children yet close enough so that the infants could be collected before any harm came to them. Originally there was a chute and a hatch constructed where the unwanted infants could be safely deposited before being collected to be cared for by the nurses from the hospital.

The plus side is that the leaking roof has been replaced and the external features are to be restored, Coram’s Fields is a seven acre playground for children opposite this site and Coram’s legacy of protecting London’s children lives on as no adults are allowed in there unless they are accompanied by children.

Not the most epic of sites but it’s always good to document shit before it disappears and becomes forgotten.











Original roof now replaced.


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Dam that's changed, was in a lot worse a state in 2015. Got s few pics somewhere. But theyre all garbage so didn't report it haha. Glad they're fixing it up!