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Report - H.M.S Intrepid......Aug 08...

stepping lightly

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The dictionary definition of the word INTREPID is fearless , daring and bold and that's what you have to be to get a last look at this beauty before it gets chopped up for scrap erm sorry recycling..
Now I could hit you with lodes of figures dates and facts about the ship but I'm not going to , for three reasons really , one my laptop is going to blue screen at any moment and I would loose it all , two put H.M.S Intrepid into google and there are the facts , pages of them and the third reason for me to quote something Dasnkt said recently it was more about the journey..
Ive recced this now for a week solid , day , night all night watching all the comings and going of other ships but they didn't seem to matter it was all about this boat........

Night time.....

I wont harp on about how difficult it would be to get on board but will say getting caught was not an option..Anyway Ill show the pics and perhaps add a bit more in the middle..






We heard a phone ringing and went in to answer it....

The generator...

Now this next room was a bit of a Revelation to me , during to Falklands war my brothers ship was bombed and the missile came into his mess and killed all his mates he had just gone to the laundry when he came back all his closest friends were blown in bits he saved the ones that where still alive by carrying them to helicopters and tried to sort out which parts belonged to who with the rest , he was given a gallantry medal but his spirit died with his pals and sat there last night i tried to imagine how it must have been.....

Scott on the bridge..


And again making his way off the ship...

Looking back it was a week well spent...


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WOW... Fair play for cracking it fellas... looks one amazing night. The bunks look a bit uninviting without the grizzly history. Where is she to be scrapped? Hartleypool to add to the ever growing collection?!


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28DL Full Member
Incredibly impressive stuff :thumb

That bar just keeps getting raised :eek:;)

north star

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28DL Full Member
Fair play to you guys, Mega. Any close calls???


I should have danced all night
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the muther funkin shizzle:cool:

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haha, nice! Ghost ships, the next big thing! Who'd have thought it, hopefully we get more coming!
Yeah - bring on the rusting rotting poisonous asbestos riddled ships of doom !


I should have danced all night
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I'm changing my prediction very late in the year:

I now pronounce it "Year of the Rusty Ship" ;)
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