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Report - H15 Prison - Loos/FRANCE - September 2015


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Evening all, hope we are all having a lovely juan. Been a couple o' few weeks since my last report so thought i'd fire something up from last weekends 36 hour hop into france. pretty banging 36 hours really, got round a prison, a chateau and then went to an awesome party, more than most normal people get done in 36 hours anyway :p

-right i just spent about 20mins digging through old reports trying to find some half decent history on the place which i could steal but cant see much about, all i found is that the place closed in 2011 and housed around 1500 inmates. As you will see the place is well buggered now, absolutely trashed and covered head to toe in graff, that said i cant speak for the womens side as we didn't get in there.

The explore.
Explored with Maniac, the_raw and elliot5200. Twas an early start on the morn of our departure and after good floor kipping session at the behest of mr manics hospitality we were well on our way to the tunnel. Landed in the general area of the prison around 11 and after picking up some lunch supplies and wandering around a car park looking for a bog for 20 mins we headed off towards the prison, as most will know there's a lovely little group of romany gypsys planted in the car park of the prison, heard stories of explorers getting corned in cells by them and shit so were a little bit on the ball, kept a a keen eye on the carpark as we scooted around to the access the place is pretty much wheelchair friendly now which made life easy but will have also lended to the reasons the place is so buggered. Once inside the main building we all kind of wandered off and got our shots, nothing particularly exciting went down, bumped into a few french explorers, had lunch at the centre of were the wings meet up, i got a boner when i found a puddle and that was about it. As trashed as it is i really enjoyed our few hour mooch in here, something a bit different, definitely would have been nice to get in the womens section but we were in a bit of a rush as we wanted to tick off a chateau before heading to our party destination. So yeah that was about it, no medieval style clashes with pikeys, no seccas chases, no horrific accidents-no ghosts, just a nice little mooch around an empty prison taking photos, smoking fags and eating chess n ham namwiches :D could have spent longer here i reckon, we saw a ladder for the roof but needed to get on the road to our next destination so skipped that, i'd defo go again if i was in the area. As for the infamous H15 carpark gypsies, i honestly think they are so used to people going in there the couldnt give a flying funk any more. Explorers and graffers have been going in for a few years now, we saw 2 possibly 3 other groups of french explorers in there as well as us- and that was just in the space of 2/3 hours. I hadn't seen a report for a while but this place obviously still major tour bus, just think the gypos are past caring who's snooping about, i blatantly got spotted up a watch tower by one of them and he didn't bat an eye.

right then, on with a load of very similar pics of cell blocks with loads of infinity lines and wonky symmetry : P my sensor is pissed in my camera so horizontal parallel lines taper one side-AND ITS CLUCKIN WELL ANNOYING!!

Graff on the way in


Portrait with bogs in nets


Cell internal w/ BOG


Top floor landing


Cell internal graff face


Cage to wings from central hub


Ground shot with naturally back lit netting


wide hallway with holding cells


Holding cell


Stairway to landing


Peeley paint radiator


S**t house


Ariel dick


Cells from landing


cell internal


Cell door








one for the reflection selection


Thanks for looking kids, take it sleazy :p

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Thanks for the update, like I said, it's good to get the whole picture rather than a one picture random Facebook post.

Really messy in there now, but actually the fabric of the place is still virtually intact.


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Nice selection of shots mate, lot of stuff there that I didn't even see. Goes to show how big a place it is and how much there is to see, I'd like to do more time in there as well


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You said this to me the other day Wevsky but it's H15 according to all other reports (including yours) :D