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Report - Haddon railway tunnel May 2018


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Done to death but was in the area , a lot of rain had fallen in previous days so me and the dog didnt expect dry, but water running out the entry point, come on!

Haddon Tunnel is a tunnel in Derbyshire, England, built by the Midland Railway extending the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock and Midlands Junction Railway from Rowsley to Buxton, opened in 1863.

t was constructed solely to hide the railway from the view of the Duke of Rutland where the line passed Haddon Hall. The tunnel rises towards Bakewell on a gradient of 1:102, is 1,058 yards (967 m) long and, being close to the surface, was mostly built by the 'cut and cover' method. There were five ventilation shafts, one of these being the full width of the double-track tunnel, the deepest being only 12 feet (3.7 m).

During January 1862, Haddon Tunnel had been officially completed; the structure had been buried seamlessly beneath the estate within the space of 16 months. On 1 August 1862, the first public train passed through the tunnel.

On 29 June 1968, 1H18, running from St Pancras to Manchester Piccadilly, became the last train to traverse Haddon Tunnel.

Shamelessly ripped from wiki, more info if needed here, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haddon_Tunnel








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Nice take on this place Mr T. Was wet when we went there too! Especially near the mid-point.


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Thanks, Glad I finally see this, even though was a wet one. Got to love tunnels. Apparently in an email the owners aren't happy I've tresspassed and demand I take these down
Blimey! They'll be e-mailing quite a few people in that case. I've had that before with a site near Peterborough. bit of a dilemma...

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