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Report - Haddon Tunnel - May 2012


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Haddon Tunnel is a tunnel in Derbyshire, England built by the Midland Railway extending the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock and Midlands Junction Railway from Rowsley to Buxton, opened in 1863.

Although the line closed in 1967, it has historic interest, for it was on the Midland Railway (and LMS) main line from London to Manchester, and there are ambitious plans by Peak Rail to reopen it as part of its extension to Bakewell.
It had been constructed entirely to hide it from the view of the Duke of Rutland where the line passed Haddon Hall. It is 1,058 yards (967 m) long and, being close to the surface, it was mostly built by the 'cut and cover' method. There were five ventilation shafts, one being the full width of the double-track tunnel, the deepest being only 12 feet (3.7 m).
I failed to get into the first site I was looking at so decided to head down Haddon Tunnel instead.

The entry is easy but with it raining there was a small waterfall over the entrance so I was soaked :(



After this I found it was warmer to be naked than in my wet clothes so I decided to continue on in just my wellys


A remaining sleeper at the cutting

Limescale carried down in the water pouring through the tunnel walls has coated everything making it look petrified

And finally looking back

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