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Report - Hafod Copperworks, Morfa - April 2012


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The Hafod Copperworks

My first report, hope it doesnt get thrown into the Pit ;P If you want to see the rest of the pictures I took, I have included the links to the albums at the end. So without further ado, here we go.

The Hafod Copper Works was built by John Vivian in 1808-9 on southern part of level land enclosed by a loop of the tidal River Tawe. The first engine installed here was built into a building which was dubbed the Vivian Engine House.


View from one of the open basement rooms:

Back wall of the engine house:

In 1910 a new mill and engine house was built to house a single-cylinder Musgrave Uniflow engine. This comprises a full height machine hall, some 2m above exterior ground level, and a basement beneath, a freestanding chimney on the southwest side at the west corner, and an extension to the southeast shielding the cable drive. The engine is one the first Uniflow engines to be built and it is a particularly rare and important survival. Named after the engine, this building was dubbed the Musgrave Engine House.

Exterior (right hand building):

One of the basement rooms:

A large drive wheel:

The single massive piston:

The Rolling Mill lies to the south east of the engine house. This structure is particularly unusual because of the survival, not only of its engine, but also of a substantial part of the machinery for which it provided power.

Ropes connecting the engine to the drive wheel (each of those ropes was as thick as my fist):

The drive wheel connecting to the copper rollers:

Finally the copper rollers:

We also found a small room situated next to the large tower at the back of the site. I’m not sure if this is the air raid shelter that was mentioned by some people, but I thought I’d throw a couple images of it in.



Album links; Air Raid Shelter, Vivian, Musgrave.

Sorry for the poor quality images, my camera isnt brilliant =[

Comments and criticism appreciated, hope there weren’t too many pictures, there was just so much to see! Several more reports to follow, we looked at about four sites today XD
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