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Report - Hagg Gill Pot, Yorkshire, March 2015

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A visit to Hagg Gill Pot with my local Wirral caving club.

Hagg Gill Pot, is an underground stream cave that is all about the rock formations and beautiful stalactites, it is pretty wet and the climax is a fantastic chamber called the straw chamber, so called because of the sheer number of straw stalactites.
Hagg Gill Pot is accessed by what is seemingly a cover over a shaft, here being rigged with two electron ladders and a belay lifeline rope.

The entrance drops down about 15 feet and then closes to a squeeze that makes descending the ladder a real pain due to constriction and with a bag full of camera gear hanging off your harness it was real cow for me to get through.

Once you are past the squeeze it is a straight forward climb down the ladder, about 45ft in total

Then the fun begins and I can honestly say that I was totally in awe of some of the sights, this monster is as high as a house but just look at it! The downside to such lovely formations was that we had to grovel in the water to get under them to continue

More amazing sights and I just had to take photographs and bugger me, my gloves stayed there on that wall until I collected them on the return journey...I am forgetful.

Another one of numerous chambers that I struggled to leave whilst dragging my jaw behind me...Steph here giving it massive :)

There were some pretty tight vertical sections too but this high walled section was nice.

I hate to keep posting shots of like this but it was so beautiful that photos cannot ever do it justice

Check the straw chamber


I took my new Samsung Galaxy s5 which is supposed to be waterproof, it is waterproof just as they promised and I was really impressed by the quality of the photo and video quality whilst underground in lamplight...here is a 3 minute video showing the phones capabilities. I can see a time coming when the DSLR and tripod may become redundant.
YES it really was recorded on a telephone!
Thanks for looking:)


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Wowsers, amazing to see what's underneath us in some of these places, there's much epicness down that hole :thumb