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Report - Haggerston Baths, London 15/04/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Siologen and Alias.

I'd been exploring for about 12 hours by now so I was pretty whacked but me and Alias drove up to London for what is becoming a regular weekly thing to do. We'd just popped to Fullers in Redhill to kill some time before meeting Mr. Westminster. This was on the maybe list for last night so it was a gamble whether we were going to get in or not but luckily it paid off and we managed to see an absolutely MINT swimming pool :thumb There's not too many photos because we discovered half way through light-painting that the security were on site and in the same building as us so we quickly finished up, not wanting to push our luck.

There's very little graffiti and the baths themselves are in such good condition, as is the building which apparently is going through some regeneration appeal.

Hackney Council closed the well-loved Haggerston Baths overnight in February 2000, following 10 years of poor
maintenance such as checking fire extinguishers, keeping gutters clear etc. The reasons given were health and
safety eg flaking paint. The timing happened to coincide with a £multi-million overspend on the new Clissold Pool
in Stoke Newington.Despite a big community campaign to pressurise Hackney Council into reopening it, nothing
has happened. The pool building is deteriorating and, despite its Grade II listed building status, is on the Council's
list for disposals. Local authorities are reluctant to pay £6 million to refurbish it

Here's the photos, massive nod to Siologen who recced and did the work on this one:thumb Sorry the photos are a bit wonky but my tripod is a bit shit.











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