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Report - Haggerston Baths


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Stolen info off of Rooks' report lol

Hackney Council closed the well-loved Haggerston Baths overnight in February 2000, following 10 years of poor
maintenance such as checking fire extinguishers, keeping gutters clear etc. The reasons given were health and
safety eg flaking paint. The timing happened to coincide with a £multi-million overspend on the new Clissold Pool
in Stoke Newington.Despite a big community campaign to pressurise Hackney Council into reopening it, nothing
has happened. The pool building is deteriorating and, despite its Grade II listed building status, is on the Council's
list for disposals. Local authorities are reluctant to pay £6 million to refurbish it

Visited with Siologen Jeeves Westminster and Rooks

Siologen did the initial Recce and said it was a maybe, well we had a couple of hours to kill so thought we would check it out. Once inside we had to navigate a maze of closed and sealed doors, until we finally got to the pool. However after a few shots we soon realised security were living in the building and were enjoying watching TV but did aregular walk around so we scarpered, taking photos as we left.





Then we realised security were behind a door :eek: so we legged it




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update, security have left, was there couple months ago, the place is falling down, the stairs turn into waterfalls when it rains, didnt have a camera but i seriously love this building, did you see the old coal furnaces with the iron conveyor belts one could crawl inside, or the very creepy bath corridor on the second floor, very worth while trip, nice one for the photo share

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