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Report - Hall Of Giants, Accrington - August 2010.


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Hall Of Giants, Accrington - Visited By Ojay & Andyj23UK.

Now we were on a roll, our 3rd drain of the day, continuing downstream of Hyndurn Water.

Having reached the Infall, it was fairly obvious this wasn't going to be a 'walk in', that said the giant waterfall of over 30ft into a deep plunge pool below presented it's challenges.


Luckily 2 birch trees provided anchorage, so Andy quickly roped up and began the descent down to see if we could get in here....




Once down I threw him a large branch to dip into the pool below, which quickly vanished as he lowered it in, after an admirable attempt to walk into the Infall, it was a no go due to the ridiculous depth, so a quick changeover and SRT back up it was decided we would find the outfall and try our luck there.

After a short mooch we soon came across the large brick pipe which was around 12ft tall "the victorians didn't fook about" - LOL


In we go, and it wasn't long before the ankle breaking started again, as we traversed through the usual stone and debris, every step required real effort as if you get it wrong your going for a dip :eek:


As we headed further upstream, the roar of the Infall was overwhelming, and was fairly fast flowing from this point, after around 15 minutes of scrambling across the fractured bedrock,


we reached the 'falls' - the point where Andy had previously climbed down, only to fast retreat


Once here it was fairly obvious why. Slime covered rocks and a raging plunge pool of unknown depth, F@@K that!!!


Whilst down there Andy pointed out there were a number of possible side tunnels. He was right, there were 2 in total, the first near the weir was backfilled, however further along was a second tunnel, a stepped drain/overflow of unknown origin, most probably linked to a former colliery. 8 stepped ledges leading to 2 RCP's, again both back filled.




And too our surprise the skeletal remains of a Ram, that we can only assume had decided to take up draining and got stranded in your culverts, given up and gone to heaven (and we all lived happily ever after) :rolleyes:



This was a worthwhile mooch and just glad we managed to make it to the Infall to see what was beyond the weir.

Thanks for looking :thumb
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