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Report - Hallam Towers, Sheffield, June 2015


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It's just gone 4 years since I joined this forum and having finally got over the biggest hurdle of not having a car, by moving into the city instead, I am pleased to finally present my first report, you could say it was four years in the making....

First some history of Hallam Towers from Wikipedia:
Construction started in 1963 at a cost of £1 million. It opened on 24 March 1965 and boasted 136 bedrooms over its eleven stories, employed nearly 150 staff members and covered a three and a half acre site. Several times during the 1960s the hotels restaurant appeared in Egon Ronay's Guide to British Eateries and achieved a four star rating from the AA.

By 1986 the building was known as the Hallam Tower Post House Hotel and a year later was subject to a £750,000 refurbishment which also saw the opening of the gym, whose members boasted Sheffield Wednesday football team and boxer Herol 'Bomber' Graham. The hotel later became known as the Forte Crest Sheffield and the Posthouse Sheffield. In 2001, the hotel became the Holiday Inn Sheffield West.

The hotel eventually closed, along with the attached Spirit Health Club, on 18 April 2004, with some staff transferring to the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria in central Sheffield. The building was sold to development company Hallam Grange Ltd. for £6.3 million later in 2004."


As well as the Gym there also used to be a ballroom and kitchens, which were demolished sometime post 2012. There is a lot of great graffiti around the building although unfortunately someone 'just following orders' has clearly been around with a bucket of yellow paint and a hatred for art.


We woke up early so we could get to the top of the tower for a bit before sunrise, despite my mates failure to wake up on time we got up there just before the sun peaked over the horizon.

Access was easy and we quickly got up the 11 flights of stairs. We definitely chose a lucky day for a nice sunrise (pinks, oranges and yellows in the sky).


"stairway to heaven" - with the golden light on the way down this felt like a strangely appropriate title


After the sunrise we made our way down each floor taking it all in and as we got back towards the last few floors we could hear more noise than we'd have liked on the floor below us. We stealthy crept down the concrete stair well until we were below the noises and hence closer to the exit than the source of the noise.






We never found out what was making the noises, and it wasn't a windy day, so I guess we'll never know - it will haunt me to the grave though....

Thanks for looking :thumb


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Great report and some lovely images! Thanks for sharing :thumb
Thanks :)

What happened to the porch.

Good to see this again, not been there for many many years.
I'm not entirely sure, but I heard that they started demolishing parts of it for some reason, perhaps because of the plans for the building (was going to be turned into flats), but those plans fell through. It's a mess with lots of holes in it really.


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nice one, did well to be honest :-)

we went back a month ago, access had changed - the residents must be going crazy about it though!
Yeah, I tried to get in last month but it was all sealed up again, but within hours of trying I noticed two guys up at the top in the afternoon. I think there must be some regular users of it that keep opening it back up

ben tony

the noises are the metal shutters/barriers against the wind. every time I've been it's the same. just be weary going here at night.. trust me.

ben tony

unless any of you have been since yesterday then you'll probably never get to go in again, almost certain me and my mate where the last to go in.

ben tony

It is mate, but so is pretty much any building pre 1980's. A respirator is a must. But again, the exploring days of hallam towers are over I'm afraid, not sure if it was the council or somebody who's just bought it but it's now impossible to gain access.


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but it's now impossible to gain access.
For now maybe. If its like any other site ever explored if someone wants to find a way in they will. Access gets blocked and re-opened on a regular basis and I can't see any reason why this site would be any different to any other.


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You've got some nice shots there :thumb
I know Sheffield is as ugly as sin, but do have anymore shots looking at the view from the top? I'd be very keen to take a look
Cheers for sharing

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