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Report - Hallam Towers - Sheffield - November 2016


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Hey guys!

This is my first post on here, not sure what to put really but I'll give it a bash anyway! Make sure to tell me what I've done wrong or what I need to include next time or anything.

So me and my flatmate (I'm a uni student) found out about each other that we both love exploring abandoned places, for the history of the place that you can find inside as well as the whole experience. Walking to university every day past Hallam Towers it was hard to ignore that it looked very abandoned and very tall. Getting in was easy enough and the site apart from the hotel itself is very empty, there's nothing worth taking a picture of or looking at until you get towards the hotel itself. I'm yet to explore all of the floors inside the hotel but we had a look at a few, taking care to dodge the many holes in the floor! Lots of very cool graffiti on the floors suggests many people have been in here before and it doesn't surprise me what with the access and how obvious it is.

We were unsure if there were any homeless people living there (or if homeless people choose abandoned places like this to live in) but ventured up to the top anyway to be met with a fantastic view of the west side of Sheffield. An absolutely fantastic view given the little effort we had to put in to get it. We met a few other people on the way out and took them up and showed them what there was to see, they were equally impressed.

Exited easily, amazed at the view and looking forward to more exploring!


PS - Photo's were only captured using my phone camera so they're nothing special





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I call bullshit!
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As you say, phone photos in the dark aren't the best.

Good effort for getting out and putting a report up though. Look forward to seeing more from you.


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Which uni do you go to? University of, or Hallam?


Mr. Brightside
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Rip im probably going hallam next year :coat

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