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Report - Hallamshire Works - Sheffield - August 2020


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Hallamshire Works is an old industrial unit situated directly next to the famous Cannon Brewery in Neepsend, Sheffield. It has been owned by various businesses in its history but has now stood empty for around five years.

The site of the warehouse is approximately the area covered in red above. The picture is dated 1947 so the warehouse would have been made at some point after those in the residential buildings were evicted. Picture courtesy of Britain from Above.

If you fancy renting the property yourself, it's available here. Pictures displayed on that website may differ slightly from how the warehouse looks in reality.

Pictured above is the warehouse in the background. The brick building in the foreground has been demolished and there is nothing but weeds where it stood. Picture dated Approximately 1960 - 1979.

The warehouse is on the left side of the road in the picture above, dated approximately 1980.

The Explore
Access is easy, although the area does seem quite busy as there are operating businesses on one side of Hallamshire Works, along with some new pop-up cafes and restaurants and an indoor skatepark - Workshop Koffee nearby does a great cappuccino. On the site itself, there's an open courtyard with the carcasses of several trailers left behind, along with a small area that's covered by a roof. I didn't go inside the warehouse as both times I went to visit there were people on the site, and I'd used up my roll of film. The graffiti inside was pretty awesome so if you're into street art I'd highly recommend checking this place out.

Taken with a Pentax 645 on Porta 400 film.












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Nice 1st report, film shots as well! Well done. See you've been here 4 yrs lol and this is your 1st real post, so a big big hello & welcome to you. Hope we see more explores posted. Fab job. Spot on 1st report :thumb


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Went here on a gander up north, nice little place and an even better report! Something about the old photos feels like a time machine. Solid stuff! :)

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