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Report - Hamer Goodlad & Co Renishaw, Sheffield May 2013


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A Brief History
Formed in 1959 Hamer Goodlad & Co had 3 sites, including this 7 acre one in Renishaw.
They engineered bars, Wire mesh, Chicken Wire Netting Open Mesh Flooring Rod in Coil and wrought iron merchanting of all steel.
They went into receivership and closed in 2009, after trading for 50 years.

The Visit
This could be classed as a cautionary tale, I first visited this site over 3 years ago, when the site comprised of offices and various outbuildings.
All full of interesting bits and pieces and well worth a visit. I took lots of pics and had them stored on a PC, this was before
I knew of the urbexing fellowship that exists today. The aforementioned pooter gave up the ghost without warning and took all my pics to tech oblivion.
Lesson learned BACKUP everything!!

And today I returned, to find all the out buildings burnt to the ground and the main industrial units stripped, burnt and pretty much empty shells.
But I wanted to return, if only to stop wondering what condition the place was in. And as the place is walking distance from where I live, with a pub on the way, why not.
Some of the structure looks unsafe, lots of supporting girders have been chopped out and robbed, and various fires have left parts of the roof buggered.
The wind was a bit strong, and it sounded like at anytime the whole structure could come down.

So here are the pics.


Those corrugated metal sheets sure make a racket when the wind picks up.


Must be a pain being a window in a derelict building (sorry!)




The worst representation of a spliff ever!


Binge! Couldn't agree more.


Charcoal city.


No trouble getting in then!


Plenty of storage space.


There's always room for a bog shot!


The paper sign, outlives the machinery.


Could be a problem with the power?


Why does the last person out the door always leave a shoe?

Happy mooching


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