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Report - Hamilton palace

Cara Turner

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Visted hamilton palace yesturday. Such a beautiful place. Worth 40 million, the roofs are made out of copper. Such an incredible place to look at.
A bit of history about the place...
The palace got nicknamed the Ghost House of Sussex - a massive £40million mansion left incomplete after work first began in the 1980s.
The property owner, Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, who began the construction of Hamilton Palace, in East Sussex in 1985, has long since left British shores to further his business interests in Zimbabwe.
The controversial businessman, who was once jailed for paying thugs to hurl a grenade into a rival's home, started building the home - complete with its own mausoleum - in order to house his vast art collection.
Hoogstraten made his fortune as a slum landlord in Britain but is better known for his court case regarding the gruesome gangland slaying of a business rival, who was stabbed five times before being shot in the head. Van Hoogstraten was exonerated of any blame in the killing.
Once described by a judge as a ‘self-imagined devil who thinks he is an emissary of Beelzebub’, Hoogstraten was born in Bognor in 1946 and as an 11-year-old schoolboy started selling stamps to noted collectors.
It later transpired that the young Hoogstraten, who claimed to have a stamp collection worth £30,000, had hired classmates to steal the stamps for him from specialist shops.
By the time he was 14, he had taken to wearing a suit to school and would excuse himself from lessons to sit in an empty classroom, where he would read the Financial Times and attend to business deals.
As a teenager, he started a loan-shark business that saw him take property deeds as collateral for loans. He also ran nightclubs in Brighton and once called Rod Stewart, the rock star, a greedy ‘little runt’ in a row over takings.
He also picked up a conviction for organising a henchman to throw a grenade at a priest, as well as the 2002 conviction for manslaughter for the killing of that business rival.
Hoogstraten has a tomb in his palace where he is going to be burried when he passes.

The explore .....
Heard a lot of stories about this place. And the horrible security. And the dangers of visiting this place. But its just so beautiful we couldnt help are selves. We came in at the side by the lake. Walked threw the woods round the lake to see what we were up against. Could hear voices from behind the palace. But we thought if we can get to the front of the palace without being seen we will be fine. Unfortunately there was no way in to the palace. Due to windows being nailed shut. We climbed up the scaffolding to the top floor where you can climb into a porch, but the windows in there were all boarded and nailed shut too. Looks beautiful inside threw the windows. Massive place. So just got a few pictures from the outside. Definaltley still worth the explore. Such an amazing place. Never seen anything like it before. Managed to stay for around 45 mins. Then we made are way out the way we came. Safely back to the car. Here are a few pictures. :)


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