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Report - Hammill Brickworks, Woodnesborough, August 2012


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So! I thought I'd be brave and try again with this post of my Hammill Brickworks day!
I have been to the brickworks a couple of times now, and enjoyed it thoroughly! Even if the first time round I never noticed the brick buildings out the back!

So anyway, After wandering around the first day and taking as many photos as I could possible take, on my way to the brickworks the second time round I had decided to try and take a different approach to what I want to photograph! But that never happened, because the person I went with the second time around, had heard a really odd noise. I told him just to ignore it as it was most probably nature or something else along those lines.... It wasn’t until he pointed out that the supports holding the roof up were pretty much non-existent, that I realised the noises were NOT nature, but the building creaking as trying desperately not to give way.
After this we proceeded with a lot more caution and continued taking photos.

It wasn’t until clambering ungracefully out of one end of the long building that I finally saw the brick buildings! So some of my photos are from my first look around, and some are from my second. I have put them together because my trips we not even a week apart from each other! Seems silly to create two threads for one place!

Anyway! Heres a little history on the place!

In the year 1910, construction in woodnesbourough for the colliery began, and by 1911 surface buildings had been built . Including an engine house, work shops and even a chimney. But until the light railway was completed, no further work was to be done on the colliery. But by the year 1914, nothing else had been done, and war had been started. So the building work was yet again delayed.
However, shortly after the war had started, the colliery was taken over by the army for a cavalry unit. So a very large amount of horses had been kept stabled within the buildings.

After the war, still nothing was being done. So the colliery was sold off to Pearson and Dorman (long term owners of betts hangar colliery). Who then sold the buildings off to Hammill Brickworks, all the while keeping the mineral rights.

So I guess I had best give you the photos!




these were all over the place the sec on time around.....












Thanks for looking :thumb

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