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Report - Hampole manor house - March 2013


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This is my first post and a very common site, but would like to get my head around posting before i go on to more interesting places!

This house was abandoned in the early 90's by a Dr. (not sure if i can say his name) either way, he was a psychiatrist and doncaster royal infirmary.
He got into a bit of trouble hence why he abandoned such a lovely home, the story behind him leaving goes he assessed a mental woman who was arrested for threatening a girl with a knife, but he released the woman (something to do with the mental health act) in thinking she will do something wrong again so they can have her locked up for good.

Bad decision doc, the patient went on to stab an 11 year old girl to death in the frenchgate shopping center 2 days after release.

"During her admission she appealed against her detention to the Mental Health Review Tribunal, but her appeal was turned down. Despite this, on 14 April the responsible medical officer—a Dr. XXXXX—discharged her from her section of the Mental Health Act and she walked out of the hospital. Two days later—on 16 April —Carol Barratt went to the Frenchgate shopping centre and stabbed to death little Emma Brodie, an 11-year-old schoolgirl whose parents kept a nearby public house. The parents have not recovered from the shock and grief, and probably never will.

The fact finding committee's report also contains the extraordinary statement: "although her responsible medical officer realised her dangerousness he nevertheless decided to discharge her from Section. In doing so he expressed the hope that the police would then get involved which could allow for more long-term detention of Carol to be arranged"." In other words, he thought, "Let her out; she is bound to do something bad and then we can have her back inside again." It is incredible, but that, as it turned out, is exactly what happened—with such terrible consequences for poor little Emma Brodie." - copied from a clipping by Sir Harold Walker.

Right lets get on with the photographs, be patient as I'm not very good, yet. Only got my first camera a matter of days ago :rolleyes:

I wish I took my tripod as most of the house was too dark to get good photos :s











and this last one pretty much summed up my evening lol.

Thanks for looking everyone!


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