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Lead or Rumour info - Hampshire Bunker?

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Absolutely hopeless bunch of losers.

Unfortunately, we weren’t sure if the bunker was safe to enter so we couldn’t actually go inside but were able to stand at the doorway
No spirit, no will, no balls.


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This popped up in a sub brit discussion and was identified as an airfield battle headquarters, looks in good nick


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"Thought to be one of just two in the country" A battle headquarters? I've been in at least four and seen several others. Yet another sample of Great British sloppy journalism.


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Typical of so called 'Military Archaeologists'. Wading through 3 feet of floodwater with fook knows what underfoot is half the fun. There are indeed more than a few BHQ's dotted around. They may be referring to build type when they speak of only two.

WW2 Airfield Battle Headquarters



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It's just a BHQ or what ever they are called, the ones that where on the corner of every WW2 airfield with the cupola on top, not very interesting unless your into the whole Defence of Britain thing. Not very rare or interesting other than this one still has the coat hooks left in it.

Edit: Eh? When I clicked on this thread there were no replies showing, then when I post a reply a whole page of people saying exactly the same thing as me appears lol

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i cant believe they covered it back up what a random find