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Report - Hams Hall C, Pump House - Jan 2014

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first 2014 sploor yay :) not a great deal to see but as its only down the road i thought it would kill some time, killed more time than i thought as was looking in totally the wrong area to begin with :rolleyes: stupidly didn't take a tri-pod hence the flash,

The third, final station to be constructed on the site was Hams Hall C Power Station, built in the 1950s and commissioned between 1956 and 1958. The station's water was cooled by three 350 feet (110 m) high natural draft cooling towers. It generated 357 MW of electricity using six generating sets.

Following privatisation in 1990, the station was operated by Powergen. The C station closed in 1992. Its two chimneys and three cooling towers were demolished on 15 December 1993, under darkness.
impossible to tell how deep the water is but im guessing its about at the same height as the river so might drop a little when the river does?

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