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Report - Hams Hall Control Room - Birmingham - Nov 09


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Hams Hall has been home to 3 powerstations between 1928 and 1993. This single substation building is, as far as i can see atleast, all the remians. To say 'all' is a bit of an understatement however! dispite the vandalism this is one of the best contol rooms ive ever seen, (infact i think its 5th behind Battersea A, B, Inverkip, and Pyestock Powerhouse) Its smooth, curvy, circular design, deco glass ceiling, 50s green panels and parque floor are all top notch!

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I only took photos in the main control room, too tired, dark and cold for the rest. Thats not to say the rest is not woth looking at however, below the contol room there is another circular switch room and around the outside of that several small workshops and store rooms with many interesting items such as electrical test equipment, old drawings and even quite a few nice GPO phones. The extensive cable basement is very flooded but i hear all hope my not be lost on that one just yet! Stay tuned!








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