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Report - Hamworthy Tower Crane 31/12/06


I should have danced all night
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Brrrrrr bit blowy!

What better way to see the new year in than up a tower crane? Some nice swanky flats are being put up in Hamworthy on the Poole Quay so I thought I'd take a stroll down and have a poke around the building site. I started off by looking in one of the tower of flats but stopped just as I heard James Blunt wailing from security's radio:p

After some choice tractor shots, onto the main attraction, the tower crane(s). This was a really stupid idea in this weather and I'm surprised I didn't die! It was so windy, my hat kept blowing off my head! And it was more a case of trying to keep the crane from moving let alone the camera!

As for the cabin, well...it would be rude not to!;) The guy's slippers were still in there along with walkie talkies, a mini heater and a little TV!

Happy new year everyone!:thumb
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I should have danced all night
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Re: Hamworthy Tower Crane REPORT 31/12/06

Last couple of pics while my internets behaving itself-the 3rd one is an attempt at the views over poole harbour but theyre a bit blurry coz i couldnt get the damn camera to stay still:mad:

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