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Report - Hans Solos DELUBE road trip (DE-LU-BE - September 2014)


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So, having a few days off prior to starting a new job, I thought I'd do a road trip around these parts to tick off some of the Urbex bucket list items that I've been researching the last few months. As I traveled on a Monday, I couldn't persuade a Dutch explorer to tag along (work, the curse of the urbexing man) and so began my solo trip beginning in Switzerland, travelling around Deutschland (DE), Luxembourg (LU) and Belgium (BE) i.e. DELUBE.

Warning: Some of the images here have been HDR'd. I've left out the strongly processed ones but have left a few in anyway.

Hotel Sand/Hotel Hundseck (DE)
Details are sketchy of Hotel Sand, other than to say it is closed for business. Appears in good nick and looks like it is still maintained, though empty. Couldn't try access due to a council road gang deciding to dig up the road in front of the hotel right as I pulled up in the car park. :banghead

A few miles down the road is Hotel Hundseck. Information is sketchy about when it was built, but the peak popularity of the region was between 1950-1970, where a ski jump was built for winter competitions. After the 1970s, the ski jump and training schools disappeared and with it most of the business.

In 1999, Hurricane Lothar swept through the area and severely damaged the hotel. Due to costs, the hotel was closed and abandoned due to danger of building collapse.

In 2008, some explorers visited and documented the site here: http://www.naturalnik.de/wordpress/2008/07/hotel-hundseck-bei-sasbachwalden/

In 2013, demolition began but appears to have been only partially completed.

For this visit, I didn't enter due to safety grounds as a solo explorer, but through the windows, the ground floor appears to have been gutted internally. The upper floors I could not tell what state they were in.




Coal washing facility (DE)
Made the mistake of arriving during the week. Demo seems to be underway here so too many people around to gain access. Maybe should have visited today on the German reunification holiday :(

Centrale Thermique (LU)
I read that the site was due for demolition soon (date to be advised) so I thought a quick visit was in order. Saw a group of 3 other explorers wearing comedy masks and photographing on iPads at the other side of the site, but I think I scared the crap out of them by sneaking around and making noise as they disappeared pretty quickly :)




Chateau Miranda/Maison de Noisy (BE)
Again, another site under threat of demolition. I got here late after trying to find an entrance, then getting lost in the forest getting there. An hour after parking the car, I was at the Chateau, soaking wet from the rain but glad I had finally made it! Sadly, due to the time, I only had about 40 mins to mooch around before it got dark, but I'm glad that I saw what I did.

Found this bridge by accident in the forest.

A welcome site after an hour in the rain

Parts appeared to have been victims of arson

Watch your step!

View from the top of the fire escape (HDR - sorry!)

All in all, 1036km done in 16hrs but glad I could tick off some of the famous sites on the Urbex Bingo card.

Thanks for reading!


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Nice varity, good shots! HDR can be good or bad. My personal opinion is if I can't tell at first glance if it's been processed , I'll let it pass ... ;) It's the eye-blinding-color-shifting-no-color-like-that-in-reality-arty-farty crap that, as my boss says, "Really frosts my balls" . If I went there,would it look like HDR run amuck? Don't think so! Your HDR looks to be a subtle enhancement, not a pile of technicolor bazooka barf !
okey dokes , rant over, carry on ...
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