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Report - Hanson Brickworks, West Yorkshire - Sept 2013.


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Hi there! Recently started trying to get into urbex just to have something to take photographs of. So far I've been to the Hanson brick factory near Leeds and attempted to get into the main body of a disused RAF base near York (nabbed by security who had a dog).

I've been using these forums to try and find places to go recently so I thought I may as well get signed up to keep my interest piqued. I'd also like to ask if anyone has any research tips? I've read the list in the FAQ and while it's long it's not very detailed (although it did direct me to check out demolition company websites which look fruitful). I'm not asking to be spoon-fed info on places to go, just a bit more info on how to research and find places for myself.

May as well post some pics from the brick factory, not great as I'd forgotten my tripod but I enjoyed getting around in there :) I couldn't find a good way in that'd both let me back out and not have me get squashed by pallets of bricks so unfortunately I didn't get to access the main building properly (which looks great inside).

These were taken around the main building and inside a small building nearby:





These were taken in a small house near the official entrance:





(Don't get excited, it's Coffee Mate)




That is what it looks like, we found where the bullet hit a wall on the opposite side of the room, no slug unfortunately.

These were taken (kind of) inside the main building.



And that's it. Definitely taking a tripod from now on so hopefully there'll be a marked improvement in image quality.
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