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Been wanting to try to properly explore this place for 6 years (in 2005 I had a permission visit of the grounds, then again in 2006) so I tried with RustProofHawk.

It is a grade 2 listed building.

It was built between 1798 and 1802 as a replacement for the old Tudor building that used to be Henry the 7th's hunting lodge when out on Hounslow Heath.

Here is some history, taken from various sources on a google search:

"SINCE being abandoned almost 17 years ago, this Grade II listed building has fallen into disrepair and as yet there is no prospect of a return to its former glory.

Walking round the site, you still get a sense of the building's historical presence, but the structure is visibly crumbling and is said to be riddled with asbestos.

The rebuilding of Hanworth Palace as Hanworth Park House, on a new site, commenced in 1798 and was completed in 1802. It became a country house after extensions throughout 1828. Now known as Hanworth Park House, it still stands today, with a west wing and clock tower added circa 1860. Since then the House has changed hands several times.

It was used as a military hospital during the First World War and later as a country club and hotel for members of Aircraft Exchange and Mart who now owned the park which had been converted into an airfield. Hanworth Park Hotel continued after the war Second World War until 1953 when it was purchased by Middlesex County Council and opened in the mid 1950s as an old people’s home. In 1965 its administration was taken over by the London Borough of Hounslow."

The nursing home shut in 1992 and planning permission was granted in 2003 for the building to be converted into an 84-room hotel. This development never got off the ground and a further bid to open a 166-room hotel fell by the wayside in 2007.

Here is a picture of it when in better condition:

Being used as a hospital during WW1.

And as well, during use as the clubhouse for Hanworth Airpark, hosting the Zeppelin landing in 1932!:

Now it sits in the middle of the Airpark, abandoned, rotting, the trees completely surrounding it and all overgrown. Such a shame to see it like this.

There are security on site, but they don't really seem to do anything to be honest. Although the building itself is fairly secure, boarded up and just doing nothing.

We only managed the basement level.






As you can see, the floors are fucked and you have to be very careful!

Some of the rooms are in average condition:

The floors in the corridors have completely collapsed in a lot of places:


Old lift:

Big original stone rooms in the basement are in much better condition:

Here's where the stairs down to the basement used to be:

A huge metal object has crashed through the floors into the lift motor room:

Lots of crap dumped here:


One of the veranda's outside:

More recent outbuildings:

What was once a great arboretum and gardens:



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