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Report - Hare Manor Hotel-Oxfordshire UK-July 2018


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And I’m assuming when you got busted at Leatherhead you told the police and security that you were ‘an urban explorer’ yeah? Hence the sign that has been put up on the door? Schoolboy error again. Every time I have been busted I never draw attention to the forums or exploring, they don’t need to know any of that. You were just passing, saw a way in, took a few pics, leave it at that. No need to highlight the fact that others may come.


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Hare Manor Hotel

Our Visit: After an unsuccessful explore earlier in the day at our first intended location, getting kicked out by a grumpy old groundskeeper we decided to head back to a site we spotted on the drive up. We hadn't noticed any reports before so we were hoping it would be fresh and free from any damage. Once we made our way into the grounds we decided to look for an access point which was harder than we thought, the vast majority of the windows on ground level had been boarded or screwed down tight, however, we eventually found the worlds smallest point to fit through. It was a pretty tight squeeze but eventually made our way through!
Not sure how long this manor has been abandoned for but the first smell that hits you is dampness. Parts of the lower floors were covered in mould so we didn't stay there for too long. The real area of beauty is the floor upstairs, large rooms with intricately designed ceilings, wood panelling along the walls, chandeliers, and grand mirrors. If you've ever visited Lotus Hall or Hook End Manor, its a similar mix between the two. To be honest, for an explore that wasn't even planned in advanced we found a stunning place and it was worth the visit! The upstairs dining room/landing looks over the back of the grounds and adjacent lake.
The hotel rooms themselves aren't very interesting, just the fitted wardrobes and mattresses lay around, We got the feeling that some of the rooms must have been quite expensive to stay in due to their grandeur and personal balcony area.

Later during the visit, we made our way to the kitchen, unfortunately, it's the deep depths of hell down there. Apart from one window letting the light in, it's near enough pitch black. but none the less interesting to look around. The manor is situated to close to other houses and sports ground so we had to be quiet whilst looking around the pool area in the back of the manor.

There are cameras around the grounds, but we didn't get disturbed for the couple of hours we were looking around.

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We are company who have purchased this beautiful old building.
Whilst we appreciate you are only exploring, may we politely ask you to refrain from exploring in the future.
The hotel actually has some VERY SERIOUS STRUCTURAL ISSUES and could pose a threat to your safety.
We have now put in place security measures and will prosecute anyone found to be trespassing.


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Went to this place a couple of times and got in easily. Went back yesterday... cameras everywhere, motion sensors, new burglar alarms, boards all over the windows and a security guards. This place isn’t doable anymore. After a brief chat with one of the guards - nice enough once he realised that I wasn’t a threat but eager to escort me off the site - I found out that all this extra security is because a gang on gypsies broke in and started ripping the place up for piping.

I wouldn’t recommend going here. It’s not worth the bother because it’s now protected like a fortress.

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