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Report - Harefield Limeworks March 2014


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This is my very first report so I hope it goes well!! :p:

I've been exploring for a few months now but Harefield Limeworks was the first place I visited so it's kinda special to me and honestly couldn't have picked a better location to explore first!

There really isn't any history on this place apart from it has been partly demolished and since then the owners of the land haven't touched it. Probably the most interesting thing I found was that the lime pits here were once using in the filming of Doctor Who!

So not a great start with history but this place really is a find. It sits right next to the canal that runs next to the Rickmansworth Aquadrome; there's a point walking along the canal when you finally see it on the other side and it's always bigger than I remember. The people who live in the canal boats keep to themselves so we went on investigating and once we were in it was worth the wait!

Nature has taken over in here; trees, grass and bushes are growing all over which makes it all the more interesting. There's a pretty stable set of stairs you can climb and some rooms to investigate. It has all the components you want in an abandoned find.

Sorry I couldn't find a lot of history but I hope you enjoy the pictures. A couple at the end are my partners so I can't claim them all!


View from the canal


Leading up to the site







Also a collapsed tuned just opposite



This is where I chickened out a bit and instead I sent the other half up!


This monkey is my favourite thing about this place. There's some graffiti relating to it that I didn't want to upload as it's part of the adventure discovering this place.

Thanks for letting me share my first adventure! I hope anyone who reads enjoys!
Any advice or tips on next report would be more than welcome :)



He Never Even Got There
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cheers for posting bit of a wreck but your out there and thats the main thing

whats going on with the last 2 pics how come they are smaller


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28DL Full Member
Nice first effort, we all have to start somewhere.


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28DL Full Member
cheers for posting bit of a wreck but your out there and thats the main thing

whats going on with the last 2 pics how come they are smaller
Thank you :) (for both replies so far)

Those last two photos are my boyfriends pics and he already resized and edited. He went up a ladder that I didn't have the guts to but wanted to show what it was like for those who are a bit more daring than me! (Unfortunately didn't have the pre-edited versions). Hopefully will be more daring next time!!

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