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Report - Hargreaves abattoir, Middlesbrough - August 2011


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A quick over-nighter back up North (proper North, not this pretend Sheffield North) and I found myself at this rather grim meat processing factory with Slippery42.

Extremely brief history (info pinched from some other forum):
There has been a slaughter house on this site since the 40's. Hargreaves closed in 2001 due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic and for whatever reason didn't re-open.

Considering it's not been in use for 10 years, the stink of animals is unbelievable.
The place is pretty trashed and stripped, parts of the admin area are nothing more than a shell, but there are still a fair few reminders of what went on there and some seriously grim machinery. Plus even if it's only 3 or 4 stories high, roof access always makes an explore worthwhile in my opinion!


I would not want to see some of this shit in action. Those bristles look soft but they were stiff and quite sharp.





One of the cold storage areas.


Nothing's going to make me want to become a vegetarian, and I know places like this are reality, but I really would not want to visit a live one...
...it'd put me right off me Asda Smartprice mechanically separated meat sausages.