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Report - Harkstead derelict house


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There's 2 old houses out Harkstead, the country lane that runs along side it is called 'the street'. My other half and I found it the other day whilst on our way back to Essex. We do like a nosey at old derelict places and so thought we would stop and take a quick look. We parked on the grass verge outside the semi and went for a look. The place is surrounded by a massively overgrown hedge with just one place you can squeeze in. One house the door is open and you can just walk in, the other is locked but wouldn't take much to get in as all the windows are broken. It's a proper wreck.
Anyway, if you go and have a look be careful, as out of nowhere a grumpy and threatening country guy raced past our car and parked his Volvo across the road to trap us in the lane as we were about to leave. We wasn't doing anything wrong but apparently the road was private... Despite there was no sign, and as I've found out now there is a public accessible business down there (pottery classes and B&B). He even called his heavies in who came down from a house just down the lane who I can only imagine was going to beat the hell out of us. My fiancé is 58 so I don't see what threat he thought we were going to be. Anyway, eventually one of his heavies seemed to come to his senses after we apologies end and explained we wasn't aware we and our car was on a private road. Complete nutters, but was pretty cool place to see... Just go prepared.
Anyone else been here?o_O