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Report - Harms Way, Rochdale - May 2012.


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Harms Way, Rochdale

When it rains DO NOT go in here!

Having failed further downstream a good while back now due to heavy flow and and metal grilles, I decided to see what the upstream culverted section of this brook had to offer being on my doorstep and all..

Turns out that once again concreteJungle had beaten me too it, hence 'Harms Way'

I originally had the name Ghetto Falls earmarked for this one, from having seen it in action a few times over the past couple of years

(Yet again proving my theory that some of the more interesting drains are indeed located in or near to Ghettos)


Essentially a small culvert of varying ages, with a number of different yet interesting sections that make up the 320m or so from outfall to infall

Above the outfall is a stepped overflow from the canal located above, it acts as a levelling system carrying any excess to the brook below

I might add it started to piss down as I arrived the first time here, and although the leveling system above was surprisingly dry, the depth and the flow inside the first horshoe section was ridiculous

So much so I lost my footing hitting the drink my chesties filled and I had to practically swim out :eek:

Fortunately I only had my headtorch to worry about, or else it would have been curtains for my kit!

Although 320m sounds short, the place was feature packed and took a good while to traverse the silted washed up crap in here

Here, the brook is carried through a transition of 2 - 2.5m Brick Horshoe, CMP, and the remainder a Brick/Stone Arch combo with some Concrete thrown in here and there for good measure

The oldest section dating back to 1903 and more recently re-inforced/upgraded near to the infall in the early 90's

It's also worth noting the CMP section is dangerous as f00k as quite a few places have corroded away, concealing jagged shards of rusty metal below the murky depths

(I would assume concreteJungle named this place so, as he managed to gash his waders whilst in here)

Eventually it becomes a shrinker and splits to a stoopy section leading to the infall

Outfall - Hidden behind the cascade from the canal overflow above

'Ghetto Falls'


Singing in the drain


2m Brick Horshoe

(This was well above waist deep last time, made a change not to have to swim out) :rolleyes:


Transition Junction


CMP - Beware!




Dressed stonework switching to a Brick Arch


Back to a Stone Arch



Here the culvert splits into 2 smaller st00py stone sections which eventually lead to the infall

(Also a smaller watercourse exits on the right through a 1m RCP)


Ahead a low concrete topped section

(This bit was re-inforced around 1991)



...Finally after having st00ped and crawled around all sorts of shite for 10 minutes or more


Proper Bo I tell thee :thumb
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