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Report - Harold Wood, 21/02/10


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Hey All,

Visited Harold Wood Hospital on sunday with AndrewB - must be said it was much better than i expected, and im rather annoyed that we had to cut it short because of my back problems!

By now this site has been pretty well documented, so i will provide some history - although it is a steal from Wiki... it does say there was no A&E department, even tho we found a massive sign saying there was??

"The hospital was opened in 1909 by West Ham County Borough council, as the Grange convalescent home for children, which operated with the nearby Plaistow fever hospital. The Grange had been a private house, built in 1884 by John Compton, owner of the Gubbins estate. The convalescent home was maintained by the county borough until the Second World War, as an emergency hospital. After the war it became a permanent hospital, and in the 1960s was significantly enlarged.

The hospital later became part of the Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust. It was closed on 13 December 2006 with patients and functions relocated toQueen's Hospital and to King George Hospital. The site vacated by the hospital has been earmarked for a 470-home housing development.The original plan to keep certain NHS facilities has been superseded and the entire plot has been approved for residential development. Local residents are opposing the proposal of over 800 dwellings, including a 9 storey block."

Security are active on the site, so a little stealth was required, for a site that was closed 3 years ago its not in bad condition compared to other places, different areas vary hugely. defo a return visit on the cards, didnt even hit the tower block!

Apologies for a couple of the pictures being a little blurry, although i have found the "no Flash" button - i still need to start using that tripod!

I do hear people moaning an awful lot about this place being documented simply for its morgue, i know why as its astounding - but have tried to capture some varied shots

First we started off in the morgue, and stayed there for quite some time:




White lights of heaven await thee.....


Moving through the rooms of the mortuary, i found a washing machine that looked pretty heavy duty, with some cool looking gauges!:


I looked at this and immediatly gasped, some may say "what else do you expect to find in a mortuary?" but for someone who has never been to 1 - this was seriously creepy:


Biggest bog ive ever seen!


The thought of this was horrific to say the least, just had images of every scene from SAW and it really sent a shiver up my spine!


Seriously "Chlling" Shot - it took a lot of persuasion for me to do this!


Walking through the science labs we came across some pretty interesting machinery - i dont suppose they are too easy to remove



A bit of snooping in places that didnt seem to go anywhere, led us to this catwalk in the roof - the shot is crap and really does not give an accurate scale of how long this was, seemed to go on forever!


What appears to be some sort of engineering section, was directly next to the above catwalk


Being a severalls lover, i couldnt help but be in love with long corridors....



I Liked the lighting in this shot, looked really eerie and the colours were fantastic


This was also left all over the floor... about all that was left of the kitchen, we didnt hang about once we noticed the amount of what looked like asbestos about the place


Gotta love the Safe shots


Lonely intstrument, was the only thing left in the room!


For Old switch lovers...


This alarmed me a little, what the hell are these doing here? along with the big holes in the opposite glass doors...

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