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Report - Harold Wood Mortuary, London, June 2011


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Hey Guys,

Visited this place with Dicky21 and 2 other non-members. Sadly there isn’t much left of the main hospital, most of it has succumb to metal thieves and the destructive nature of the locals. We therefore made our way straight for the mortuary, giving the rest of the hospital only a brief look.

The most striking experience of this place was the smell. Not the terrible smell of rotting flesh one might expect, but quite the opposite; a smell of nothing, complete absence of life, nothing less than pure sterility.

The first hospital opened in 1909 when West Ham Borough acquired a large Victorian Villa House called ‘The Grange’ which was converted into a convalescent for children from the Plaistow Fever Hospital. The villa was situated in 30 acres of ground, and featured ornamental gardens and a lake.
In 1930 the hospital was expanded further and the villa was enlarged to 116 beds, during which time the villa was temporarily opened to chronic adult cases.
During the Second World War more blocks were added to the hospital, which became an EMS Hospital for military and civilian air-raid casualties. Many prefabricated huts were built in the grounds of the hospital in order to accommodate the large increase in patients, and after the war these huts remained part of the hospital. In the 1960s the hospital was further expanded and modernised including the construction of a maternity block.

The hospital finally closed in 2006 with part of the site being sold to South Bank University, and the rest sold off for housing development.






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