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Report - Harpur Hill Health and Safety test facility - London Underground Train


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First post so here goes...

Also, apologies if the pictures are over edited. I find it easy to get carried away.


So this was on the walk down, by the side of the public footpath. It's (nearly) all public footpath which is pretty handy. Not really sure what it is though, maybe some kind of check point maybe? Seems a little small.


General wide shot of the area. So behind this train theres an artificial tunnel with another train inside. Had a quick look and it seemed slightly unsafe. It was a bit of a pain for photos too. Almost pitch black and didn't have the time or energy to set my flash up. Felt the floor going from underneath me at one point. Decided to call it a day there.


So there's quite a lot of information on this location. Apparently it was used as a ammo dump during the war and these trains were used as testing after the 7/7 bombings. I won't bombard you with loads of reading, it's very easily found with a simple google search.


Standard reflection shot. It's not HDR. I've read the rules.


It's really easy to get onboard. Thought i'd start at one end and work my way down. Makes sense. Some of the floors seem pretty sketchy so watch your footing if you're planning on going down there.


Drivers cabin.


Obligatory high depth of field shot.


Aaand another.


Overall a pretty cool location. Didn't get any hassle from anyone. Weather was on my side though. Foggy, snowy.

If anyone wants to know any info on it, PM me.

EDIT: I've just realised there's a very similar post to this.
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