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Report - Harrogate / Brunswick Tunnel And Air Raid Shelter Oct 2019


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This was the second tunnel of the day was getting bit tired and wet but found it straight away luckly.Its the first ive seen with no shafts or refuges and a shelter in side.
On 20th July 1848, the inaurgural train rumbled through Harrogate tunnel into Brunswick station. Fourteen years later, the North Eastern railway opened a station in the centre of town and Brunswick was closed to passengers, though it clung to life as a goods depot for a short while. With vertical walls and a curved roof, the tunnel runs directly beneath Langcliffe Avenue. It was only built to keep the unsightly railway out-of-sight of Harrogate's affluent townsfolk.
Brunswick tunnel found a new use during WW2 when an air raid shelter was built just inside the west portal.It was the only large public shelter in that part of Harrogate. Harrogate was only bombed once in 1941 and that was in error when one German plane strayed over the town. The shelter was abandoned by 1943 and sealed. In 1954 the tunnel was surveyed for possible use by the Ministry of Supply as an engineering works but it was never used for this purpose. All evidence of the shelter entrance was finally removed in the 1960’s during road alterations. At this time workmen accidentally dug into the tunnel roof unaware of its existence!
I wont go on too much about history as am sure its been said before but loads more info on the links below

Info from http://www.forgottenrelics.co.uk/tunnels/gallery/harrogate.html
And https://www.subbrit.org.uk/sites/brunswick-tunnel-air-raid-shelter/

Eastern Portal

Looking back to east portal

First sight of old shelter

Looking back to east portal

Looking up steps

The old enterance to shelter

Looking back to east portal from top of steps

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